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Green Sock Half Marathon

14 Mar 09

This was part of a race series in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  Think most celebrations would be down the pub drinking Guinness.  So instead of the pub, Dave Philpot decided it was off to the start/finish area at Bateman Park / Stoney Creek Park Trail, around 5 miles north of Abbotsford.  After a couple of miles into the very wet and cold weather the thought of a pint of Guinness inside a cosy pub seemed a much better option.

Before the event there were river dance warm ups (there was plenty of water around).  The piper also looked rather Scottish but nobody seemed to notice (apart from Dave).  Not everybody had green socks, it was only the first 300 who registered (guess Dave just missed out), but it didn't really matter since most runners/walkers had them covered up.  Dave was given green hair instead and he didn't even wear it (and not many others were going to wear theirs either).

There was a few miles of off-road on the first half with a very sharp climb on exiting the park, but whatever goes up must come down (hopefully).  There were plenty of water stations on route, but if you breathed hard enough you didn't need them.  The course was well marked throughout and there was a very distinct lack of spectators.  There were 113 Half Marathon finishers and Dave finished 2nd in the 40 to 49 age category. 

There were 2 other events during the morning, a 10K with 110 finishers and 5K with 92 finishers (so it was just outside 300 for the socks).  Everyone received finishing medals and food was laid on, but most runners didn't hang around because of the weather.

Dave's next race is the 25th Vancouver 10K Sun Run dated 18 April 09 (unless he sneaks another race in).  A record 59,179 Sun Runners celebrated the event in 2008 (and he's not expecting a PB).


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