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Iron Lung 20k Trail Race

28 Sep 08

Location - Lower Mount Seymour Trails.  North Vancouver, BC.

This was classed as a Trail Run and seeing the competition getting prepped up it was clear this wasn't going to be your average Ramsey race.  A short bit of road took us into a typical scenic woodland gravel path, with a gradual climb.  This lasted about half a mile then suddenly we were in the thick of it, where the path turned into what looked like dried river beds, rocks, boulders, tree roots and rotten wooden walkways.  These were paths but I was totally dependant on the tape makers.  There was a few spells of real running during the course, but it got to the point of walking up the very steep hill and some climbing was involved a few miles from the finish.  Some down hill stretches were even worse, where every step was trodden carefully and I did fall at one point.  A guy went over big time behind me and I stopped to give him a hand thinking he had broken something.  However, on helping to get him back on his feet (on suffering from cramp in both legs) he just cracked on.  Although he looked pretty beaten up he only just finished behind me.  There were 49 finishers and there was good reason it was called the Iron Lung (and I won't be taking up Canadian Trail Running as a hobby).

Dave's next race is Rubber Ducky Half Marathon 19th Oct 08.


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