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Jim Chandler

In June 2013 we lost our clubs Junior coach Jim Chandler through illness. Running was such a massive part of Jim's life and we are grateful for his enormous contribution to our club.

Jim had been a runner for over 38 years. During his running career he has run numerous shorter races, including being the faster male 10k runner in the Borough of Kingston upon Thames in 1988 at the age of 39 with a time of 32.16.

He ran over 30 half marathons with his best time being 1 hr 16mins (bearing in mind these were usually quite undulating courses, living in the South).

He ran 18 marathons, 10 of them London which he never had to apply for entry, always getting a good for age place. His fastest marathon was one of the Kingston upon Thames in a time of 2h.43m.19s.

He competed in about 10 triathlons, most of them full distance. He was always in the first 10 places on the bike and run (he was an extremely good biker) but ironically the swim section let him down and bought his placing down but he was still in the top 12.

Jim trained 365 days a year and was rarely ill. He did a great deal of cross training and liked to vary his sporting activities. He particularly enjoyed swimming and because of the miles and miles of running he suffered badly with arthritis in his feet and he always said the swimming kept his joint supple enough to be able to still run.

His commitment to training was amazing. Although he always did a minimum 15 mile run every Sunday he still ran at least four 10k's during a weekly training session plus all the biking and swimming but when he was in marathon training he was running over 100 miles in a week whilst still holding down a full time job running a leisure centre.

As everyone at the club knows, even suffering from cancer still didn't stop him trying to run and swim. He just loved it.

Throughout the years Jim was at Ramsey Road Runners he had a massive impact on the club. His work in training the juniors and seniors on technique and form has helped improved many runners’ times. He helped Adrian behind the scenes on a number of activities and whilst at the club qualified as a UKA coach. Also, Jims work as a physiotherapist has helped many of our runners get through injuries. What will be missed the most though is Jim's personality, he was a humble and modest man despite his many achievements and had a great sense of humour. He will be remembered fondly by everyone at the club.

Thank you Jim.